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What do those letters mean after the teachers and adjudicators names?

TCRG: Teasgicoir Choimisiuin Le Rince Gaelacha – translation is Gaelic Commission Dancing Teacher, which designates the teacher as certified by the Irish Dancing Commission in Dublin. Only certified teachers may enter their students in feiseanna.

ADCRG: Ard Diploma Choimisiuin Le Rince Gaelacha – translation is Highest Diploma in Gaelic Dancing, which designates a certified teacher who has attained adjudication qualification from the Irish Dancing Commission in Dublin.

Why can’t I use my camera or video camera at a feis?

Videotaping of dancing competitions is strictly forbidden by the Irish Dancing Commission. Choreography remains the exclusive property of the individual schools and is a closely guarded secret. You are permitted to video presentations and The Dance of Champions if permitted by the individual Feis Organizer. At this time, it is also forbidden to use any device capable of capturing the dancers image while in motion. Child Privacy and dress design are the two main reasons for this.

What if I want to transfer my child from one school to another? What about if we move out of town?

Under normal circumstances, when moving from one registered teacher to another registered teacher there is a ‘restyling period’ of 6 months, in which the students that has transferred may not compete in feiseanna. Firstly – make sure you have discussed any grievances with your current teacher to see if the situation can be rectified, and your reasons for wanting to leave. Before you make your decision – it is important to contact and discuss your options with the new teacher, as it is a teachers right to accept or not accept transfers from other schools.

If a job transfer, or move of a considerable distance is the reason for wanting to move – there is not normally a ‘restyling period’ imposed. Please check with either your previous or new teacher for more information.

My teacher isn’t registered. Why can’t I compete in a feis?

If your teacher has not taken the TCRG test given periodically in each region in North America, you will be turned away from all registered feiseanna. It is important to remember that there is a worldwide governing institution that helps to promote and preserve the cultural expression of Irish Step Dancing. The TCRG test is a means to determine a persons ability in both execution of Irish Step Dance and their knowledge of the intricacies of and limitations imposed upon Irish Step Dance.

Just because your teacher is not registered and doesn’t have the TCRG certification doesn’t mean they don’t know the proper information about Irish Dancing. And on the other hand, just because the teacher does hold the appropriate qualification doesn’t mean they can teach well. However, the certification does guarantee a certain level of knowledge that is vitally necessary for effectively teaching the traditions of Irish Dancing. If your teacher has enough knowledge of Irish Dancing, then they should have no trouble passing the certification test.

When is the Registration Fee due, and what does it include?

The registration fee is not due until the end of the first month that your child has been taking classes. In the second month of classes, you would be responsible for the tuition, as well as the registration fee.

What happens if my child misses one of the scheduled classes?

Make-up classes are offered for anyone that is not able to attend class at their scheduled time. Please refer to the list of Class Closure dates for a list of dates that classes will not be held due to holidays, competitions and performances. Please note that there are no refunds given at any time for missed classes. 

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