Getting Started

  • The ONLY accredited Irish Dance school in Fayette County (tcrg/adcrg)
  • Opportunities to perform and compete both locally and internationally
  • Home of the Under 18 Girls Oireachtas (pronounced o-ROCK-tis) champion - Jessica Ryan
  • Consistent results over the last 11 years in regional, national and world competitions
  • We have called Fayette County home for the last 11 years!
  • Weekly classes all taught by the ONLY certified tcrg/adcrg instructor in Fayette County
  • Miss Rowena is not only a certified teacher - but is also an ADCRG - which is a lot of letters that stand for a lot of Gaelic words that mean accredited ADJUDICATOR of World Championship events all over the world!!!
  • Fun AND hard work at every class!
  • No experience necessary - new beginners of all ages are welcome to come and try a free class!
  • Summer Camps and New Beginner Introduction Classes – Registration is opening soon!


But you’re not sure how, what, when, where or why?

Don’t worry… To be sure, to be sure… There is information here that is just for you!

The wonderful thing about Irish dancing, is that there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ time to start! The day you decide you want to start – is the day you can!

Whether you have received a complimentary voucher or flier, the Rowena Ryan Irish Dance Academy is happy to offer a free class to any student wanting to ‘try it out’ before committing to class registration. Our policy is, the new student can come and try a class first, before any tuition is due – just to make sure this is really what they want to do!

The first thing you need to do, is contact Miss Rowena and let her know you want to ‘try it out’. Then you can work out a suitable time for both of you to attend a class so you can experience the fun and make your decision from there. If you decide you would like to continue, for the first month… all you have to do is pay the appropriate tuition and come to the classes! It’s as easy as that!!!

Miss Rowena can provide you with any further information you may require, like tuition costs, class sizes and any other policy and procedure questions you may have… so don’t hesitate to give her a call.

Several times throughout the year, we hold an open day, which we call an ‘Introduction to Irish Dance Class – or – Bring a Friend for Free Day’ at our Peachtree City and Alpharetta studios.

You are more than welcome to wait and attend one of these specific events, where there is a nominated date and time for you to register, but if you don’t want to wait – call Miss Rowena now!

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